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About Grey Mocha Marble
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OWNED and OPERATED since 2018

Grey Mocha is a limestone characterized by high compactness and perfect polishing. It is a very precious marble: its unmatched features make it a precious component to give style, elegance and class to any project.


its typical color is an intense gray with shades and precious striking bright white veins  and tiny gold veins, which makes it perfect for the most demanding and contemporary tastes.


Grey Mocha Marble is suitable for use in precious floors and finishes, especially in large spaces that allows the designer to maximize the splendid open geometrical designs obtained by installing the slabs book-matched.


The chromatic features are particularly emphasized by the perfect mirror polishing that enhances the intensity of the color. Other types of finishing, such as honed, leather or velvet, make it perfect for the most modern of designs.


The only quarry of this unique material is located in the Aydinlar Village ,Kutahya,owned and operated by Gurel Mermer since 2018.


It is available in blocks, slabs, tiles, cut-to-size.